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In October of 1998 two life long friends from Snowflake Arizona had a dream to start their own property management company here in the valley of the sun. Throughout the past six years their dreams have become a reality. Caldwell Property Solutions has become one of the biggest property management companies in Arizona, consisting of over 1000 properties statewide. They have achieved these dreams through having a culture of service, not only for their owners but also for their tenants. Their number one goal is to provide great customer service, and they achieve this by giving all Caldwell Property Solutions associates the training and tools necessary to provide this service.Over the years they have assembled a fantastic team of nearly 25 knowledgeable professionals many who own investment homes themselves.

Caldwell Property Solutions has a fantastic portfolio of homes most of them new or nearly new. This allows our tenants to live in wonderful homes. At the same time helping those individuals to continue building their credit so that they may one day own a brand new home for themselves. They also have a branch in Tucson that is experiencing amazing growth. Caldwell Property Solutions is always looking for ways to improve. They are on the cutting edge of technology and information systems to provide timely information to their customers.We have many beautiful homes to pick from, many of which have never been lived in! Please search the many homes we have available and call one of our friendly leasing agents to live in a home for the same price as many apartments.We look forward to working with you and remember a house is better!